Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Home Study Part 2

Today's home study interview was much more casual and quick than last time.  I didn't feel compelled to organize every closet and wipe down the baseboards, and we allowed the kiddos to hang around the house the whole time we were talking.

When Sylvia (our caseworker) arrived, it felt like we were old friends since, of course, we had divulged every detail and secret in our lives to her in the last meeting.   Pumpkin refused to nap through all the excitement, insisting on changing her doll's imaginary poop over and over in front of Sylvia (who found it adorable).  Peanut and Buddy had their video game time and played outside, often interrupting with important tidbits like, "We have 3 billion dollars saved up in Lego Star Wars!" and "Can we have a snack? Or a cupcake? Or a snack?" 

The funniest moment of the day (and perhaps in the history of Sylvia's profession as a Social Worker) was when Buddy came upstairs: "Mom, there's meat.....in the candle downstairs......but I think it could be poop."  Ding, ding, ding! He was right, it was poop.  Peanut had pooped in her diaper, taken it off, and shaken the nuglets into the white PartyLite candle adorning our family room table.  Total awesomeness.

 Thankfully today the questions were much easier: finances, kids' personalities, our marriage relationship,  our discipline method, and our general parenting philosophy. Now we just wait for our study to be processed, which realistically could take a month or two.  Then we will officially be certified, at which point we start waiting for a placement child (which could take another few months).  

We are sooooooo happy to be finished with this part of the process.  Woohoo!!!

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