Monday, February 28, 2011

Bring Olga Home

I am so blessed it's ridiculous! We are SO blessed it's ridiculous! ALL of my friends children and my children are loved beyond measure, taken care of to the point of exhaustion, squeezed and kissed and cuddled all day long. They are flourishing, exploring, learning, and dreaming. Everyday! Our children's needs are met, their mouths are fed, and their hearts are protected. How wonderful if that was the case for all of God's children in the world today?

But we are smart enough, aware enough, to know that isn't the truth. There is unimaginable suffering among children in our world every second, every minute, everyday. And I know that I, like you, feel overwhelmed by the thought of our own children suffering- my little Anna, or Thomas, or Lily- in pain, isolated, alone, hurting. But today, we can do something for one of those children.

There is a 5 year-old girl named Olga who is currently living in an orphanage in eastern Europe who has down-syndrome. In the part of the world where she lives, they give orphans like Olga until the age of five before they transfer them to an institution- for the rest of their life.

But the good news, and the way you can help, is there are people, mommmies, here in America fighting for Olga and other children like her to find a forever-family. And the best part is, Olga has a family poised to adopt her- the Abells- but they need $7,000 as quickly as possible for a Dossier for Olga. Before she gets transferred.

Let's give Olga the opportunity to flourish, explore, dream, and be cuddled and kissed to exhaustion. Let's bring Olga "home".

Please visit my dear friend Angela's blog to help:

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